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Kronos puts time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, and labour analytics into a single integrated workforce management system that can help your organisation be more productive — and competitive.

Introducing Workforce Central 8

Workforce Central 8

One complete solution with limitless capabilities for managing your workforce.

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Absence video

Using a crystal ball for scheduling?

Do away with guesswork and get the tools you need to optimise your workforce.

Kronos for Healthcare

Kronos for Healthcare

Manage productivity, seniority, shift preferences, scheduling and morale.


Benefits of Automated Sytems

Macquarie University Hospital improved productivity in HR, Payroll, and elsewhere with Kronos.

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Achieving ROI in 12 months

By eliminating payroll errors and controlling overtime, FAW-Volkswagen saw an ROI in12 months.

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The Next Generation of Workforce Management
About Kronos in ASEAN

Kronos operations can support the highly technically advanced market in ASEAN. With an HQ in Singapore, offices in Hong Kong and a number of high profile partners in the region, Kronos is uniquely positioned to support both local and multinational organisations.

Why Kronos

Reap the benefits of global workforce management and keep the local autonomy needed to accommodate country- and region-specific requirements such as local regulation, business practices, and languages. We have a deep understanding of the ASEAN markets and hundreds of top tier customers throughout the region.

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  • Control labour costs
  • Minimise compliance risk
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve service delivery
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Our solutions and expertise cover a broad range of industries including:


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